App developers

apponsor gives you a new opportunity to offer your free app without in-app advertising and still - based on the installations - to collect an attractive commission.

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App sponsors

apponsor turns advertisers into sponsors. As a sponsor, you make it possible to offer ad-free apps. With apponsor you get satisfied newsletter-subscribers.

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App users

apponsor offers an ad-free app. You decide whether a sponsor is allowed to provide you with information. Transparency and data security have top priority.

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Additional revenue for your app. Join now.

Step 1

Create account

Sign up for your apponsor account at!

Step 2

Submit your app

Register your app(s) under "new app" on the apponsor developer portal!

Step 3

Implemtent our SDK

Integrate the apponsorSDK in your app using the assigned apponsor appKey and publicKey!

Step 4

Publish your app

Publish the app and increase your revenue substantially!

App developers. Get your app sponsored.

apponsor offers you a truly new, simple and above all flexible way to monetize your app. You publish your app extended with the apponsorSDK and offer it to users free of charge. Give your app user the choice to use your app with or without in-app advertising.

When starting the app apponsor determines the optimal sponsor for your app and displays an invitation to register for the newsletter of the sponsor to unlock the app.

The sponsor pays for each incoming newsletter-registration a commission of up to 0.40 euros in full to the app developer. apponsor receives its commission directly from the sponsor.

You decide how to use apponsor. You can apply apponsor for the use of your application, then the user can operate the app after a successful newsletter registration. Alternatively, you can also enable the activation of other levels/features of your app.

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App Users. No more commercial breaks.

The first time the app is started apponsor determines the optimal sponsor for the chosen app. You will be prompted to subscribe to the newsletter of the displayed sponsor and confirm with a simple click. All personal data that are necessary for the newsletter registration will be displayed in the registration form - because transparency is paramount for apponsor. The apponsorSDK encrypts all of your personal information and transmits it over an encrypted line to the sponsor.

After registration, you not only have an ad-free app, but also a customized newsletter – if you are not satisfied you can cancel your newsletter subscription at any time. We promise you a fair cooperation.

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